Eine x Dotmasters

Chase Your Dreams

A collaboration between UK street art bigshots Eine and Dotmasters, we created this edition for a super-secret Christmas day release in 2021.

Both artists are well known on not just the streets of the UK but all over the world - Eine for his bold and brassy font pieces (especially his signature 'Circus' lettering) which read like fragments of poetry, and Dotmasters is known for his intricate stencil work exploring pop culture and consumerism.

The background was handpainted by Leon 'Dotmasters' Seesix in spray paint in his studio, then arrived at Bicep Press to be printed with a complex 10 layer print designed by Ben 'Eine' Flynn/

Published by OurTypes, 2021.

  • 10 colour screen print
  • 300gsm Somerset Satin paper
  • Hand-deckled edges
  • Hand-painted background
  • Main edition of 45 with 10 metallic special editions.